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With an astounding presence in 5 continents and 150 countries, Xpress Money is one of the most reliable money transfer entities worldwide. In quick succession, Xpress Money has been expanding and thus, establishing itself as a name to be reckoned with.

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  • Xpress money is a money transfer company which has grown very fast within a short period of time...

    - Sofia Ibrahim
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    I sent money to India so many times with other money transfer providers but when I tried Xpress Money...

    - Biljeet Singh
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    I send money to Pakistan through Xpress Money on a regular basis and I have never had any issues...

    - Hassan Mirza
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    My friend recommended that I use Xpress Money to send money to Bangladesh and I have tried it 4 times...

    - Khalid Hussaini
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    There's a saying : "In business you get what you want by giving other people what they want."
    I would like to express my heartiest...

    - Ravi Thacker
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    I just have to say "Wow! Thank you so much! I only wish I had discovered value of this service earlier!..."

    - Judith
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    Xpress Money brings to mind safe and prompt delivery of money to Philippines...

    - Jocelyn
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    In the last 4 years, Xpress money has been helping me deliver my money safely to my relatives in the Philippines. The added convenience of...

    - Nelie Ebio
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    Xpress Money is a like a trusted friend and reliable companion who takes care of your money and delivers...

    - Hussain Sajid
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    Xpress Money has a widespread network in Pakistan. I just sent the money and sms the PIN to my beneficiary. ...

    - Khurram Ali
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    I am happy to get a text message every time my money is delivered in Pakistan that is why I send money through Xpress Money always...

    - Ghafoor Ahmad
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    Xpress Money is fast and affordable and covers so many countries. It is easy and convenient to use.

    - Tumwebare Anna
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    It's one of the best and the quickest.

    - Nalubwama Lydia

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    It's the best service because it helps us get our money on time, at the right time to solve their problems...

    - Kyasiimire Flavia
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    It is a fast and the cheapest way of sending money especially when compared to other money transfer services whose charges for sending...

    - Althaf Mohamed
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    I think it's one of the best modes of transferring money because I have seen how safe it is without any mistakes...

    - Innocent
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  • Xpress Money is very trustworthy, reliable, fast and safe money transfer company...

    - Lachayya
    Mount Everest Cash and Carry
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    The best company I have dealt with, the staff and service is impeccable, the company has enabled...

    - Mohammad Arfan
    Tavanex Ltd
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    The professionalism of the Xpress Money team makes working with them both productive and very pleasant...

    - Hazem G Elhagrasey
    Al Rajhi Bank
    Head of Remittances
    Al Rajhi Bank
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    MCB Bank Ltd, Pakistan has been dealing with Xpress Money as a Remittance Service partner since 2003...

    - Ghulam Sarwar
    Unit Head Home Remittances
    Transaction Banking Division
    MCB Bank Limited
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    We started dealing with Xpress Money Services Ltd as a Remittance Service partner this year (2011)...

    - Saad Kaleem
    Head of Sales & Product United Bank Limited
    HRC & CMT
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    Xpress Money is one of the top rated foreign remittance companies of the world. We have been working with Xpress Money since 2009...

    - Dr.Zafar Iqbal Zahid
    Deputy Head HRG
    JS Bank Ltd
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    We are dealing with Xpress Money Services Ltd since 2007 as Remittance Service partners...

    - Dr.Zafar Iqbal Zahid
    Product Manager
    The Bank of Punjab
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    "Xpress Money has shortened my turn-around-time with their easy transaction process. My job is a lot easier"

    - Alvin - Cashier, National Exchange
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    "We are happy to see the smile on customers' faces when their hard earned money reaches their loved ones in minutes..."

    - Lakshmi Narayanan
    Country Head UAE Exchange
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    "We have been associated with XM since 2005. Thanks to their excellent customer service..."

    - Ashraf Kallidumbil
    Branch Manager
    Al-Jazeera Exchange
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    I have been an agent for Xpress Money in Lebanon for almost 10 years now and so far, it has been a wonderful collaboration...

    - Elias Srour
    Trad & Srour Exchange Company
    Lebanon Qatar
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    Xpress Money is one of BRI's remittance partners that that has seen the fastest growth...

    - Miswan Nawawi
    Vice President
    Remittance Development and Marketing Bank
    Rakyat Indonesia
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    There are some reliable and trustworthy money transfer service organizations and Xpress Money...

    Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd
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    "Xpress Money is a strong remittance brand in the Gulf. we have been in a business partnership with them since 2006..."

    PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, Jakarta - Indonesia
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    "Xpress Money is a company that lives by its name. In the world of remittance where expediency is the name..."

    - Roberto Giovanni R. Cabuay, International Business Development Manager, CLSC, Philippines
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    If you desire superior service and value for money, then Xpress Money is the service for you...

    - Ms. Stella Mulandi
    AGM Money Transfer Services for DTB - Kenya
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